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Children's and young people's problems

Help for family and parenting problems

If you are having issues related to raising children or young people or family life, help is available. Municipalities, local parishes and organisations, among others, provide help for families with children. Read more on the InfoFinland page Where to find help for children’s and young people’s problems?

Bullying at school

Bullying is repeated mental or physical violence. Normally bullying does not stop over time. If you cannot stop your bullies on your own, tell an adult of your problem. It is a good idea to tell your own parents first. If you are being bullied, you can get help, for example, from a teacher, school welfare officer (koulukuraattori) or school nurse (kouluterveydenhoitaja). It is important to tell someone of your problem. There is nothing to be ashamed of in seeking help for bullying.

Sexual abuse

If you have suspicions of sexual abuse or you have experienced sexual abuse, contact the nurse, school welfare officer or school psychologist (koulupsykologi) of your school or educational institution. You can also contact your local social office (sosiaalitoimisto) or the police.

More information on sexual abuse is available on the InfoFinland page Violence.

Problems related to dating

Dating (seurustelu) is getting to know and spending time with a person with whom you are infatuated or in love. In Finnish culture, dating is normal before possible engagement and marriage. However, dating can sometimes involve problems and arguments. If you would like to discuss these matters, you can contact the nurse of your school or educational institution, a psychologist or the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare.

linkkiMannerheim League for Child Welfare:
Youth netFinnish

Youth pagesFinnish

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Child and youth helplineFinnish

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are illnesses that affect the mind and body. The symptoms can include, for example, severe dieting, binge eating and regurgitation, or other abnormal eating-related behaviour. Help is available for young people suffering from eating disorders. You can seek help from your school nurse or educational institution or from the local health centre. The Finnish eating disorder association Syömishäiriöliitto Syli ry provides information on eating disorders

linkkiSYLI -Syömishäiriöliitto ry:
Information on eating disordersFinnish | Swedish | English