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Theatre and cinema


Most Finnish cities have at least one theatre. Some of them are professional theatres while some operate on an amateur basis.

On the Finnish Theatre Information Centre’s website, you can search for theatres in different municipalities in Finnish. The Centre also maintains an archive where you can borrow translations of Finnish plays into a variety of languages.

Information on the theatre programmes, ticket availability and prices is available on the websites of ticket vendors, such as lippupalvelu.fi, and theatres.

Numerous theatre festivals are also held in Finland. Information on them is available in Finnish, Swedish and English on the website of the Finnish Theatre Information Centre.

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There is a cinema in most Finnish cities. The Internet is the best source of information on the cinemas in your area, their programmes and ticket prices. In addition, a list of weekly film screenings is often published in the local paper.

Finnkino is the largest chain of cinemas in Finland. On its website, you can search for cinema theatres – in Finnish or English – according to city and see which films are being screened. For information on the programmes of other cinemas, you can ask the theatres directly or look for information online or in newspapers or magazines.

In Finland, films are primarily screened in their original language. They are subtitled in Finnish and Swedish. An exception to this rule are children’s films, which can be dubbed into Finnish even though the original language may be different.

The National Audiovisual Archive screens new and old films from all around the world. Information on the screenings is available in Finnish on the archive’s website. Screenings are held in several cities and municipalities. Foreign language films are usually subtitled in Finnish and Swedish.

Film Festivals

High-quality film festivals are held annually in Finland. The most famous ones are the Helsinki International Film Festival, which is held in the autumn, and the Midnight Sun Film Festival, which is held in Sodankylä every summer.

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