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Finns are very active when it comes to sports, so related hobbies can help you to meet new people and gain friends. Guided sports activities are organised by various, often volunteer-based, sports clubs, for example.

Light exercise can be gardening, cleaning or clearing snow – in other words, so-called functional exercise (hyötyliikunta). Walking or cycling to work or to the grocery shop is an easy way to get your daily dose of exercise.

Exercise is also beneficial to the elderly as it maintains good physical condition and the ability to function.

Exercise is also important for children. Read more on the InfoFinland page Hobbies for children and young people.

Instructed Sports Activities

Municipalities and sports clubs, among others, organise instructed sports activities.

Some municipalities organise instructed sports activities especially aimed at immigrants, such as women-only groups or introduction to various types of sports.

Organised sports are open to all. Everyone can participate in the activities of sports clubs. Instructed sports can include activities such as exercise classes, guided walks, jogs or skiing trips.

Selecting a Sport and a Group

When selecting a sports group, bear in mind your own level. Groups are available for beginners and more advanced enthusiasts.

Swimming and skiing are very popular in Finland, so beginner courses are also held for adults. After you grasp the basics, both of the above-mentioned sports can be practiced independently and at low cost or even free of charge.

Sports Facilities

Approximately 70 per cent of the sports facilities in Finland are owned by municipalities. These include, for example, sports arenas, indoor swimming pools and other facilities, such as football fields and skating rinks. The municipal sports facilities are available to all residents.

For additional information on the municipal facilities, contact the sports department of your municipality. The contact information can be found on the website of the municipality.

Larger cities also have privately-owned sports facilities. Information on the available services and pricing can be obtained by contacting the facilities directly.

Students and employed persons should find out whether their school or employer provides opportunities for sports.

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