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Temporary housing

Furnished rental dwellings and apartment hotels

Real estate agencies and private persons also rent out dwellings for short periods of time. The term of housing may be anything from a day to several months. Short-term rental dwellings are usually furnished. The amount of rent varies according to the location of the dwelling. Prices will be higher in the central areas of towns.

Homelike apartment hotels with their own kitchens, for example, are also available. The average price of such an apartment is usually 100 euros a day. If you live in the apartment longer, for several weeks, for example, the price may be lower.

Furnished dwellingsFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian

Furnished dwellingsFinnish | Swedish | English

Hotels and hostels

Living in a hotel is somewhat more expensive in Finland than it is in most European countries. The prices of hotels also vary a lot depending on the season and the location of the hotel. On average, a single or double hotel room costs 60–100 euros a day.

Accommodation in a hostel is cheaper than in a hotel, but the service level is more modest and it is not always possible to get your own room. The price for a night is approximately 20–50 euros. It is cheapest to stay in a shared room.

Home accommodation

You can also stay at regular Finns’ homes as their guest. You can find information on home accommodation online. The duration of accommodation is usually a few days or weeks. The owner of the dwelling determines the prices. However, accommodation is usually somewhat cheaper than in hotels.

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Student housing

If you come to Finland to study, you are eligible to receive a student dwelling where you can live for as long as your studies in Finland last. If you are a student, it is advisable to apply for student housing, as they are usually cheaper than other rental housing. Read more on InfoFinland webpage Student housing.

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