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Right-of-occupancy home

You have the right to live in a right-of-occupancy dwelling when you first pay a right-of-occupancy payment (asumisoikeusasunto) for it. The payment is approximately 15 per cent of the price of the dwelling. If you cannot afford the right-of-occupancy payment yourself, you can obtain a loan from a bank. You can deduct the loan interest from your taxation.

After that, you will pay a certain amount each month as a charge for use (käyttövastike). The charge for use varies according to the dwelling and its location. Under law, the charge for use may not exceed the level of rent paid for similar dwellings in the same area. If you have a low income, you can apply for housing allowance in order to pay the charge for use. Read more on the InfoFinland page Housing allowance.

You cannot buy a right-of-occupancy dwelling for yourself.

Why choose a right-of-occupancy dwelling?

  • A right-of-occupancy dwelling does not involve financial risks. It is therefore a safer option than owner-occupied housing.
  • You do not need a large loan for a right-of-occupancy dwelling.
  • When you want to move out, you do not have to sell the dwelling.
  • You can live in a right-of-occupancy dwelling for as long as you want. The house owner cannot terminate the right-of-occupancy contract. This means that a right-of-occupancy dwelling is more permanent than a rental one.
  • You can also pass on your right of occupancy through inheritance.

Responsibilities of residents

If you have a right-of-occupancy dwelling, you must use it as your own permanent dwelling. You can only rent it out to another person for two years at the most. However, you need the permission of the house owner to do so.

Who can get a right-of-occupancy dwelling?

If the right-of-occupancy dwelling has not been constructed with a state subsidy, the house owner can choose the residents him/herself.

If the dwelling has been constructed with a state subsidy, you can apply to stay there if

  • you are 18 years of age or older
  • you do not own a dwelling in the same area
  • you do not have the funds to buy a dwelling in the same area.

However, your wealth is not taken into account if you are over 55 years of age or you are moving from one right-of-occupancy dwelling into another.

Sometimes, there can also be other conditions.

How to apply for a right-of-occupancy dwelling?

Right-of-occupancy dwellings are available in the biggest Finnish municipalities.

If you want a right-of-occupancy dwelling, you need to get a queue number from the housing office of the municipality. You can get queue numbers from several municipalities.

Getting a queue number will not cost you anything. You are not obliged to apply for a dwelling even if you have a queue number.

Next, you need to choose the house from which you want a right-of-occupancy dwelling. Then report to the house owner. Let him/her also know what kind of dwelling you are looking for. You can apply for right-of-occupancy dwellings from several house owners. You may have to wait a long time for the dwelling to become vacant.

Right-of-occupancy contract

When you get a dwelling, you must sign a written right-of-occupancy contract (asumisoikeussopimus) with the house owner. The right-of-occupancy contract will state the amount of the right-of-occupancy payment, the charge for use and other possible terms.

You can move in once you have signed the right-of-occupancy contract and paid the right-of-occupancy payment.

Moving out

If you want to give up your dwelling, you need to deliver a corresponding notification (luopumisilmoitus) to the house owner. Once you have given up the dwelling, the right-of-occupancy payment will be refunded to you.

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