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Shared-ownership home

A shared-ownership dwelling (osaomistusasunto) is a good way of obtaining your own dwelling if you cannot afford to buy one right away. You will only own part of the dwelling at first and pay rent. Afterwards, it is possible to buy the whole dwelling for yourself.

When you move into a shared-ownership dwelling, you first pay approximately 10–20 per cent of the price of the dwelling. You can apply for a bank loan to pay this fee.

After this, you will live in the dwelling as a tenant and pay rent every month. The tenancy period normally lasts around 5–12 years. Meanwhile, you may be able to buy additional shares in the dwelling if you have agreed this with the constructor.

Once the tenancy period comes to an end, you can buy the dwelling for yourself. After this, you will have a normal owner-occupied dwelling in a housing company.

Some shared-ownership dwellings are built based on a state subsidy. In such a case, the law will determine, for example, the length of the tenancy period and the procedures for giving up the dwelling.

Finland also has privately financed shared-ownership dwellings (vapaarahoitteinen osaomistusasunto). The construction of these dwellings is not subsidised by the state. If you buy a privately financed shared-ownership dwelling, the tenancy period or other contractual terms are not regulated by law.

How can I get a shared-ownership dwelling?

Communities and companies that order the construction of shared-ownership dwellings provide information on new and vacant dwellings. You can also obtain information on such dwellings from the municipal housing office. You can apply for a shared-ownership dwelling from its constructor.

If a shared-ownership dwelling is constructed with a state subsidy, you can acquire it if

  • your income is not too high; and
  • you are not too wealthy.

If you apply for a privately financed shared-ownership dwelling, your income and wealth are not taken into account.

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