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Rehabilitation organised by municipalities

Municipalities organise medical rehabilitation, for example in health centres and hospitals. You may be eligible for rehabilitation organised by your municipality if you have a municipality of residence in Finland. Rehabilitation organised by municipalities includes:

  • rehabilitation counselling
  • examinations aimed at finding the need for rehabilitation
  • treatment that improves work and functional capacity
  • rehabilitation periods
  • assistive device services
  • adaptation training
  • rehabilitation guidance

More information on the rehabilitation services provided by your municipality is available at your health centre.

Rehabilitation organised by Kela

Rehabilitation provided by Kela can be:

  • vocational rehabilitation (ammatillinen kuntoutus)
  • rehabilitation for persons with severe disabilities
  • rehabilitation psychotherapy

Vocational rehabilitation is organised by employment pension insurance institutions (työeläkelaitos) and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela). Medical rehabilitation is organised by municipalities and Kela. If you are suffering from an occupational disease or you have been injured in an accident, you may be eligible to receive rehabilitation from your insurance company (vakuutusyhtiö). Kela may provide financial support for your psychotherapy, but you must find a suitable therapist yourself.

Kela’s rehabilitation is intended for those who are covered by Finnish national health insurance (sairausvakuutus). For more information about the Finnish national health insurance, go to the InfoFinland web page Finnish social security.

Rehabilitation for work

You can be given vocational rehabilitation if you have health problems that prevent you from working. You can also be given rehabilitation if there is a risk that you might have to stop working because of your health problems. If you have an accident at work, you are entitled to rehabilitation.

Employment pension insurance institutions organise vocational rehabilitation for employees. You can apply for rehabilitation at an employment pension insurance institution if you have been working for five years or more. Ask for advice from the experts there who handle rehabilitation issues.

Kela organises vocational rehabilitation for young people and adults who are not working.

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Rehabilitation for persons with severe disabilities

If you are younger than 65 and experience difficulty in day-to-day life due to an illness or disability that makes it difficult for you to move or take care of yourself for example, Kela can arrange medical rehabilitation for persons with severe disabilities (vaativa lääkinnällinen kuntoutus) for you and reimburse some of its costs.

The rehabilitation is arranged in a way that is perfectly suited to you. For example, you can attend rehabilitation at a rehabilitation centre (kuntoutuslaitos). You can also live at home and visit rehabilitation provider from there. The aim of rehabilitation is to help you manage better at home, at your educational establishment or at work.

For more information on medical rehabilitation for persons with severe disabilities, please contact Kela.

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Psychotherapy as rehabilitation

If a mental health problem has weakened your ability to work or study, you can apply for rehabilitation psychotherapy (kuntoutuspsykoterapia). The condition for rehabilitation psychotherapy are as follows:

  • you have received at least three months of psychiatric care, and
  • the treating psychiatrist provides you with a written statement recommending rehabilitation psychotherapy

Read more about the mental health service on the InfoFinland page Mental health.

Rehabilitation psychotherapy can be individual therapy, group therapy, art therapy, family therapy or pair psychotherapy. For persons between 16 and 25 years of age, it can also take the form of music therapy. The therapy of a young person can include visits by the parents.

Support for therapy can be given for one year at a time for a maximum of three years. Therapy expenses are recompensed for a maximum of 80 sessions a year and up to 200 sessions in three years.

Kela can only support psychotherapy if the therapist has the right to use the professional title of psychotherapist and he/she has been approved as a therapist by Kela.

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How to seek rehabilitation

When you need rehabilitation, you are first required to get a doctor’s certificate. Contact your doctor, occupational doctor or Kela. If you are applying for medical rehabilitation for persons with severe disabilities, you will also need an individual rehabilitation plan (kuntoutussuunnitelma).

After getting your doctor’s certificate or individual rehabilitation plan, you can apply for rehabilitation from your employment pension insurance institution or Kela. You can inquire about different rehabilitation possibilities at the health services of your municipality, the employment pension insurance institution or Kela office. More information on rehabilitation organised by Kela is available on the Kela website.

If you are applying for Kela rehabilitation, please return the application to Kela before the beginning of the rehabilitation. Kela will provide you with a written decision about the rehabilitation.

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Livelihood during rehabilitation

You can receive rehabilitation allowance (kuntoutusraha) for the duration of rehabilitation if you are 16–67 years old and the aim of the rehabilitation is to maintain your ability to work, return to work or gain entry to working life. For the rehabilitation allowance, you will also need a valid rehabilitation decision (kuntoutuspäätös), for example, by Kela or your occupational health care provider. You may receive rehabilitation allowance on the same terms even if your municipality organises your rehabilitation. Kela may also partially reimburse travel to rehabilitation.

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