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Elderly persons’ health

If you have a municipality of residence in Finland, you are entitled to use public health services. If you fall ill, contact your local health centre (terveysasema). For more information, go to the InfoFinland web page Health services in Finland.

You can find more information about medicines on the InfoFinland web page Medication.

More information on services that facilitate the day-to-day lives of the elderly is provided on the InfoFinland page Elderly.

If you take care of a family member at home, read more on the InfoFinland page Elderly.


All people forget things occasionally. Memory disorder is a common problem. One in every three people older than 65 has symptoms involving memory problems. These do not always result from a memory condition, but often there may be an illness behind it which can be treated.

If you notice that it is more difficult than before for you or a close family member to remember things, contact the health centre in your area and book a doctor’s appointment. The doctor will discuss the memory problems with the patient and possibly also with his/her close family and will conduct a simple memory test. If necessary, the doctor will write a referral for more detailed examinations.

linkkiAlzheimer Association:
Memory disorder and dementiaFinnish | Swedish | English


Type 2 diabetes (diabetes) can begin at any age, but it often begins at retirement age. Possible symptoms of diabetes include tiredness especially after a meal, thirst, the need to urinate often, depression, irritability, weight loss, aching feet, deterioration of eyesight and getting inflammations more easily than before.

Diabetes can be treated with insulin and correct diet. If you suspect that you have diabetes, make a doctor’s appointment at your health centre or a private clinic.

For more information, go to the websites of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (Terveyden ja hyvinvoinnin laitos) and the Finnish Diabetes Association (Diabetesliitto).

linkkiNational Institute for Health and Welfare:
DiabetesFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiThe Finnish Diabetes Association:
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Eyesight and hearing

For many people, their eyesight and hearing deteriorate with age.

Visit an eye specialist regularly for examinations, so that possible eye diseases can be discovered at an early stage.

If you notice that your hearing has deteriorated, make an appointment for a hearing examination at the health centre in your area or a private clinic. After a preliminary examination, you will be given, if necessary, a referral for further examinations.

Read more about aids for the visually-impaired and the hearing-impaired on the InfoFinland page Disabled persons.

linkkiThe Federation of Hard of Hearing:
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