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Pregnancy can be prevented by the use of condoms (kondomi), contraceptive pills (e-pilleri), mini-pills (minipilleri), a contraceptive patch (ehkäisylaastari), vaginal contraceptive ring (ehkäisyrengas), contraceptive implant (ehkäisykapseli), copper contraceptive coil (kuparikierukka) or hormone contraceptive coil (hormonikierukka). Pregnancy can also be prevented with spermicides, for example, vaginal contraceptive foam (emätinvaahto) or pessaries (emätinpuikko), but these are not very effective.

Using a condom will protect you from most sexually transmitted diseases.

Condoms can be bought from grocery shops, service stations, kiosks and pharmacies, and they can be bought without prescription. Some spermicides can also be bought from pharmacies without prescription.

For hormonal contraceptives you will need a prescription from a doctor, for example, from a health centre (terveysasema), or a private gynaecologist. You can also make an appointment at a family planning clinic (ehkäisyneuvonta) and go alone or together with your partner. Usually no prescription is needed for emergency contraception.

Contraceptive pills, mini-pills, contraceptive patches and vaginal contraceptive rings can be bought from a pharmacy with a doctor’s prescription.

A copper contraceptive coil or hormone coil is fitted in place by a doctor. Contraceptive coils are best suited for women who have given birth.

Young persons can also make a doctor’s appointment and get a prescription for contraceptives. Parents’ permission is not required. Young persons can talk about contraception with their school nurse, and in some municipalities, the school nurse can give them a starter pack.

If you have problems with contraception or you have forgotten to use it, you can buy an emergency contraception pill (jälkiehkäisypilleri) from a pharmacy. It must be taken as soon as possible after intercourse, at the latest 72 hours after it.

The website of the Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) offers information about different kinds of contraceptives.