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Getting married in Finland, a check list

This web page contains information on matters you must attend to if you wish to get married in Finland.

Examination of impediments to marriage

Before you can get married, an examination of impediments to marriage must be carried out. The examination is done by either the local registry office or the local parish performing your marriage ceremony.

Read more about the examination of impediments on the InfoFinland web page Examination of impediments to marriage.

Deciding on the family name

When you get married, you and your spouse can share a family name. You can also keep your own family name or take a double-barrelled family name. More information is available on the InfoFinland web page Deciding on the family name.

Civil marriage or a religious ceremony

In Finland, you can get married

  • in a local register office
  • in a religious community that has the right to perform marriage ceremonies.

Civil marriages are performed in local register offices. Religious marriage ceremonies take place in churches or other religious communities. More information is available on the InfoFinland web page Marriage ceremony.