Ammatilliseen koulutukseen valmentava koulutus
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Preparatory vocational education

Preparatory vocational education (ammatilliseen peruskoulutukseen valmentava koulutus) or VALMA is intended for persons who would like to take a degree programme leading to a vocational upper secondary qualification. VALMA education provides you with knowledge and skills that will help you later in your vocational studies. You can also improve your language skills and your comprehensive school grades.

VALMA education takes approximately one school year. During the education, you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with various fields and consider what you would like to study. You will also visit workplaces and participate in workshops.

At the beginning of the education, an individual study plan will be drawn up for you. The plan specifies which studies you will take and in which form.

Once completed, you will obtain a certificate of your VALMA education. When you later apply for upper secondary vocational education through the joint application system, you can get extra points for completed preparatory education.

VALMA education is normally free of charge for students.
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Applying for VALMA education

You can apply for VALMA education if you have completed comprehensive school or comparable education. If the educational institution is of the opinion that you can successfully complete your VALMA education, you can be accepted as a student even if you do not have a basic education certificate.

Apply for VALMA education in early summer, after the actual joint application procedure is over. If you need special support due to a disability, for example, apply for VALMA education in the spring, during the application period for special needs education.

For further information on application periods, see the service. Fill in the application form in the service.
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