Lukioon valmistava koulutus
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Preparatory education for upper secondary school

If you wish to strengthen your skills in the Finnish or Swedish language before applying to an upper secondary school, you can apply for preparatory education for upper secondary school (lukioon valmistava koulutus), which is intended for immigrants. The abbreviation LUVA is also used.

When you apply for LUVA education, you need a comprehensive school-leaving certificate or the equivalent knowledge and skills. You must be able to speak and understand Finnish or Swedish sufficiently well to be able to follow the instruction provided in preparatory education. The educational institution providing LUVA will assess whether your language skills are sufficient.

LUVA education takes one year. During this year, you will study Finnish or Swedish, as well as studying skills. The study programme may also include other language studies and some upper secondary school courses. You will also receive study guidance.

Apply for young persons’ LUVA education in June–July. Fill in the application form via the service.

After LUVA education, you can apply to upper secondary school. Read more on the InfoFinland page Applying for education and training.
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