Suomen ja ruotsin kieli Kokkolassa

Finnish and Swedish in Kokkola

Opportunities to study Finnish or Swedish

You can study Finnish and Swedish starting from the basics at Kokkola Region College (Kokkolan seudun opisto).

The Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia (Keski-Pohjanmaan koulutusyhtymä) offers courses in Finnish in literacy education and training and preparatory vocational education (VALMA) for adult immigrants at the Central Ostrobothnia Folk High School in Kälviä. You can also study Finnish in the VALMA education at the Central Ostrobothnia Vocational College.

At Kronoby Folk High School (Kruunupyyn kansanopisto), you can study Finnish and Swedish at the basic or advanced level. If you are entitled to integration support, please contact the Employment and Economic Development Office before applying.

You can obtain information on training courses in Finnish and Swedish for immigrants from the Immigration Office.

Further information: Finnish and Swedish

linkkiKokkolan seudun opisto (Kokkola Region College):
Kokkolan seudun opisto (Kokkola Region College)Finnish | Swedish | English

linkkiThe Federation of Education in Central Ostrobothnia:
Education for immigrantsFinnish

linkkiCentral Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health Soite:
Immigration OfficeFinnish | Swedish

linkkiKruunupyyn kansanopisto:
Kronoby Folk High SchoolFinnish | Swedish | English