Asuminen Kalajoella

Housing in Kalajoki

Rental dwelling


The Town of Kalajoki has 218 municipal rental dwellings. You can apply for municipal rental dwellings via Kalajoen Vuokra-asunnot website.

For further information on rental dwellings in Kalajoki, contact
Tel. 08 46911 or Property Manager 044 4691 325

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You can also search for rental dwellings from the following housing websites:

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vuokraovi.comFinnish | English

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Owner-occupied housing

Most Finns live in owner-occupied dwellings, in other words in dwellings they themselves own. If you buy your own dwelling, it is often less expensive in the long term than living in a rental dwelling.

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Temporary housing

The Kalajoki Sand Dunes (Kalajoen Hiekkasärkät) tourist resort has several hotels, holiday homes and apartments, as well as campsites for temporary stays. The area has a total of around 12,000 beds.

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Accommodation in a crisis situation

If you become homeless due to a crisis or accident, contact Services of families and children.

Address: Kalajoentie 6, 85100 Kalajoki
Tel. 044 469 1716, 0405146877 Mon–Fri 12 noon–1 pm

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Supported and service housing

Service housing is intended for people who can no longer live in their own home and need round-the-clock care and attention. Service housing can be long or short term. You can apply for service housing using the service housing application form, available from the Verkko advisory service (Neuvontapiste Verkko).

Neuvontapiste VERKKO
Open Mon–Thu 9 am–10 am
Tel. 044 469 1595

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If you end up homeless, contact the social welfare office at Services of families and children.

Address: Kalajoentie 6, 85100 Kalajoki
Tel. 044 4691 716, 0405146877 Mon–Fri 12 noon–1 pm

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Housing allowance

If you are on a low income, you may be eligible to receive housing allowance from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Kela. You can apply for housing allowance at a Kela office.

Kalajoki Kela Office (Kela Kalajoen toimisto)
Kalajoentie 29, 85100 Kalajoki

Kela Himanka citizens' service point (Himangan yhteispalvelupiste)
Leipämäentie 4, 68100 Himanka

Check the opening hours of Kela offices on Kela's website. You can also apply for housing allowance online.

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Waste management and recycling

Waste which cannot be placed in your own building's waste containers can be taken to recycling or collection points. Waste such as metal, glass, cardboard and paper can be taken to recycling points (kierrätyspisteet). Hazardous waste, such as oils, fluorescent tubes, batteries, paints and domestic appliances can be taken to collection points.

The company Vestia handles waste management in the area. See the company's website for more information on waste management and recycling.

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