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Housing in Joensuu

Rental housing

Various owners offer rental housing in Joensuu. You can apply for municipal rental dwellings from Joensuun Kodit Oy. An application for a rental flat by Joensuun Kodit Oy can be completed and sent online. An application for a flat can also be submitted on paper. You can get an application form from the Joensuu City Housing Office or from the service point of Joensuun Kodit Oy. An application for a rental flat can be submitted to the service points of the City of Joensuu or Joensuun Kodit Oy. The specified appendices must be attached to the application.

Other rental housing providers in Joensuu include VVO Group plc, WH-Asunnot, Alkuasunnot, Joensuu Region Youth Housing Association (Josna), the Evangelical-Lutheran Parish of Joensuu and Vuokramestarit. Real estate agencies also offer rental flats.

Student housing is leased by Student Housing Company Joensuun Elli, which offers furnished rooms in a shared flat and flats for families. Family flats are unfurnished flats that are leased only to couples or families. Both couples and single students can apply for studio flats.

Further information: Rental dwelling

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Right-of-occupancy housing

You can apply for right-of-occupancy housing if

  • you are at least 18 years old
  • you do not own a dwelling and do not have the funds to purchase one (if you are 55 years old or older, the asset limits do not apply to you).

If you would like to apply for right-of-occupancy housing in Joensuu, you must first apply for a queue number from the Joensuu City Housing Office. You can also apply for the queue number online. You can print the form and fill it in by hand.

Further information: Right-of-occupancy dwelling

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Owner-occupied housing

Most Finns live in owner-occupied housing, in other words in properties they themselves own. If you buy your own property, it is often cheaper in the long term than living in a rental property. You can find information on flats for sale, for example from real estate agencies, local newspapers and housing websites.

Further information: Owner-occupied housing

Temporary housing

There are several accommodation alternatives in the Joensuu region. Contact information is available below.

Further information: Temporary housing

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Accommodation in a crisis situation

If you become homeless because of a crisis or an accident, please contact the City of Joensuu Housing Office.

If your home has been damaged as a result of a fire or water damage, for example, home insurance can, in some cases, cover part of the additional living expenses. Contact your insurance company as soon as the damage occurs.

If a member of your family uses violence against you or threatens to do so, you can contact the Joensuu shelter (Turvakoti). You can call the shelter at any time. You do not have to give your name when you call.

Further information: Accommodation in a crisis situation

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Supported and service housing

Home care support services are available to persons who have difficulties coping without help, such as elderly persons and disabled persons. Such services include meal services and transport services. The objective of home care is to offer safe treatment and care and to support customers' ability to function and live independent lives. You can obtain information on home care support services from the Senior Consultation Service Ankkuri (Seniorineuvonta Ankkuri) or from the Joensuu City Disability Services Office.

There are both serviced flats offered by the city and private serviced flats for the elderly. Service housing for the elderly is meant for persons over the age of 65 who require continuous treatment and care. Service housing is suitable for persons who can no longer live independently at home with the help of services provided to them there. For further information, please contact the Senior Consultation Service Ankkuri (Seniorineuvonta Ankkuri).

Flats are offered to disabled persons and persons who are recovering from mental problems, where the special needs of the occupants have been taken into consideration.

Supported housing is available to those who are recovering from mental problems or who need support with housing for other reasons. You can apply for supported housing from the Supported Housing Office of the City of Joensuu.

Further information: Supported and service housing

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Housing and support services for the disabledFinnish

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Home care services for the elderlyFinnish

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Supported housingFinnish

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If you become homeless, please contact the social services office.

If you find yourself without a home, you can spend the night at the Housing Support Point (Asumisen tukipiste). The Housing Support Point is open every night between 21.00 and 7.45. It also provides help in finding a permanent apartment.

No referral is required for the Housing Support Point, and the housing is free of charge.

Further information: Accommodation in a crisis situation

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