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Basic information

The pleasant and beautiful townscape of Joensuu began to take shape in 1848 when architect C.W. Gyldén created a town plan for it. In the same year, Tsar Nicholas I of Russia granted township status to Joensuu. The town was divided into blocks separated by wide boulevards. Since then, Joensuu has experienced steady growth and development. Today, its beautiful location by the river and rich Karelian history also attract tourists.

Joensuu's main attractions include the Botania butterfly garden, cultural and tourism centre Carelicum and Taitokortteli, a handicraft and culture quarter. There are several pedestrian streets in the city centre, and the market place serves as a lively meeting place. Joensuu's townscape is characterised by its Empire-style architecture and the Pielisjoki river.

Joensuu is also a town with a lively student spirit and home to several educational institutions, including the University of Eastern Finland and the Karelia University of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, the European Forest Institute is situated in Joensuu – further proof of the expertise available in the city.

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Joensuu offers good transport connections. Highway 6 goes through Joensuu, and the Joensuu railway station and long-line bus station are located next to each other about half a kilometre from the city centre. Joensuu airport is situated approximately 11 kilometres from the city centre.

Local buses run between the various districts and the terminals around the market place, taking and leaving passengers at bus stops along the way.

In Joensuu, Finland's Cycling City 2014, you can cycle in the city centre around the year.

Connections to and from Joensuu

You can easily reach Joensuu, either by car or public transport. The approximate travel time from Helsinki to Joensuu is:

  • 5 hours by car
  • 4.5 hours by train (7 departures per day)
  • 1 hour by air (7 departures per day).

Further information: Traffic in Finland

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There are several religious communities in Joensuu.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church has six parishes in Joensuu. More information is available on the Joensuu Parish Union website.

There are three Orthodox churches in Joensuu. In addition, there are seven Orthodox prayer rooms and two chapels. You can obtain more information on the operations of the Orthodox Parish in Joensuu from the Joensuu Orthodox Parish website.

Other religious groups include, for example, the Joensuu City Church, the Pentecostal Congregation of Joensuu, the Evangelical Free Church of Joensuu, Pohjois-Karjalan Henkinen yhdistys (the Spiritual Association of North Karelia), and the Islamic Community of North Karelia.

Further information: Cultures and religions in Finland

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Decision-making and public engagement

The City Council exercises the highest decision-making power in the city of Joensuu. Members and their deputy members are elected in municipal elections held every four years.

You can find information on the City Council and its decisions on the city's website.

Residents can already affect the decision-making of the city at the preparatory phase. Information on various channels for participating and influencing is available on the city's website.

According to the Local Government Act, a resident of a municipality has the right to submit initiatives to a municipality on matters concerning its activities.

Residents can also provide feedback on city services by using the feedback form available on the city's website.

Influential bodies in Joensuu include the Youth Council, the Council for Elderly People and the Council on Disability.

Further information: Decision-making and public engagement

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