Living in Finland


Soita ja kysy neuvoa

Call and ask for advice

Information on public services

Do you need information on public services or help in using them? Public Service Info will direct you to the right service, provide support for e-services, and answer general questions about public services. The service is not intended for taking up official matters with authorities – instead, Public Service Info will guide you to the correct authorities.

Service languages are Finnish, Swedish and English.

Call 0295 000

Mon–Fri 8–21
Sat 9–15

You will pay only your operator’s local network, mobile call, or text message fee. The service itself is free.

E-mail: serviceadvisor(at)

Information about Finnish social security

Kela's telephone service

Matters related to social security when moving to Finland or abroad:
020 634 0200 (in Finnish and English)

Kela's telephone service is open from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm.

You can also book a call time to the Kela telephone service. You can book your call time at the telephone service or at the Kela website. Once you have booked your call-time, Kela telephone advisor will call you as agreed. If you need an interpreter, mention this when arranging for your call time. If you need an interpreter, book your time at least one week ahead. Interpreters are not usually available on a shorter notice. Kela will arrange for an interpreter for you.

Legal advice

Refugee Advice Centre

The Refugee Advice Centre provides legal aid and advice to asylum seekers, refugees and other foreigners. Counselling is available in Finnish and English. You can also send e-mail.

09 2313 9325 (Mon–Fri 10 am–12 noon)
e-mail: neuvonta(at)

Advice for undocumented foreigners: 045 2377 104 (Mondays at 2–4 pm).

Victim Support Finland

Helpline 116 006
Legal advice 0800 161 177

The aim of Victim Support Finland (VS) is to improve the social status of crime victims, people close to them, and witnesses in crime investigations. You can call Victim Support Finland if you or person close to you has fallen victim to a crime or if you have witnessed a crime. You do not need to reveal your name when calling. The helpline will provide assistance and refer you to other services, if necessary. The legal advice line provides information about your legal rights.

The Feminist Association Unioni

On-call legal advice tel. (09) 643 158
The on-call legal helpline provides advice to women in legal matters.


On-call legal advice: 0800 97 895

Information and advice in matters related to sexual offences. Personal appointments and legal aid.

Services for employees and entrepreneurs

Employee rights advice for immigrants

If you have questions or problems with your employment, you can contact the employee rights advisory service for immigrants. The service is provided by the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade unions SAK. You can use the service even if you are not a trade union member. In the service, a lawyer answers questions about things like employment contracts, wages or working hours. You can get advice for free in Finnish or English.

The service is open Mon–Thu at 9–11 am and 12 noon–3 pm.

Tel. 0800 414 004

Services provided by the Employment and Economic Development Office

Counselling in Finnish and English: 0295 020 700
Counselling in Swedish: 0295 025 510
Counselling in Russian: 0295 020 715

The telephone service provides advice regarding the services of Employment and Economic Development Offices. You can also receive guidance and advice regarding residence permits for employees.

Enterprise Finland

Telephone service: 0295 020 500

The telephone service of Enterprise Finland provides information, guidance and advice with regard to initiating business operations and public enterprise services.

Tax Administration

Advice regarding Finnish taxation in English: 020 697 050.
International taxation of individuals: 020 697 024

The service regarding the international taxation of individuals provides information on the taxation of income from abroad and work completed abroad, as well as on the effect that moving has on taxation. The service also provides advice on the taxation of people coming to work in Finland from abroad and the obligations of payers in international situations.

Support for financial problems

Debt Line

Telephone counselling: 0800 9 8009

The Debt Line can be called free of charge anywhere in Finland to discuss your own financial problems or those of someone close to you anonymously. The problems can be minor or severe. In the discussions, the caller’s situation is examined, advice is provided and, if necessary, the caller is directed to seek help elsewhere.


Telephone service: 029 007 4880

This telephone service provides advice concerning the financial management of a company, business development and financial difficulties. You can call Talousapu anonymously. The calls are confidential.

Discrimination and racism

Non-Discrimination Ombudsman

On-call telephone service: 0295 666 817

You can contact the office of the Non-Discrimination Ombudsman if you have experienced discrimination or feel that you have been treated in a racist or inappropriate fashion due to your ethnic background or foreign status. The Senior Officer on duty will provide on-the-phone advice to clarify the issue and agree upon possible further measures to take the matter further.

On the phone, we can service you in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Ombudsman for Equality

Telephone service: 0295 666 842

If you suspect an employer, educational institute or other party of discriminating against you due to your gender or otherwise violating the Act on Equality between Women and Men, you can request instructions and advice for resolving the matter from the Ombudsman for Equality. The Ombudsman for Minorities also provides other information on the Equality Act.

Consumer advice

Consumer advice

Advice in Finnish: 071 873 1901
Advice in Swedish: 071 873 1902

The consumer advice service provides assistance and mediation in conflicts between consumers and companies. The advisory service offers information about the rights and responsibilities of consumers. You can also receive help in problem situations concerning the trade of housing and real estate.

Consumers' Association

Helpline for housing matters: 010 8022 40

You can ask for advice in problems related to housing companies, tenancy or estate agents.

FINE The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau

Telephone service: (09) 6850 120

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau helps the customers of banks and insurance companies in problem situations. You can request advice, for example, if an insurance company has refused your claim for compensation or you are not satisfied with the operations of your bank or investment company. The advice is provided in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Support for families

Family Federation

Free advice for immigrants in questions concerning the well-being of families and bringing up children. Advice in various languages:

Somali and English: (09) 2280 5143, 040 673 4430
Kurdish (Sorani), Dari and Persian: (09) 2280 5245, 050 325 6450
Russian and English: (09) 2280 5141, 050 325 7173

Boys’ Helpline 0800 94884

The Boys’ Helpline provides an opportunity for confidential discussion with an expert in the day-to-day life of boys. You can talk about relationships with friends, bullying, problems at home, dating, sex, sexuality, loneliness and growing up, for example. The calls are free of charge.

Mannerheim League for Child Welfare

Parents’ helpline: 0800 92277

The parents’ helpline provides peer support in challenges related to parenting.

Youth helpline: 116 111

Your call will be taken by a trained volunteer adult with time to listen to you. You can ask about or discuss anything that is on your mind in strict confidence. The adults providing the on-call service are sworn to secrecy. The calls are free of charge.

Advice on health-related matters

The Finnish Association for Mental Health

National crisis helpline: 010 195 202

The crisis helpline of the Finnish Association for Mental Health provides immediate discussion therapy for people facing a crisis and those close to them. The calls are taken by crisis workers and trained volunteer support persons. You do not need to reveal your name when calling. You can call the crisis helpline to talk about an unexpected event or difficult situation in your life in a permissive and supportive environment.

The Support Centre for Immigrants with Disabilities – Hilma

On-call telephone service: 044 7577 099

You can receive advice and guidance on applying for social services and benefits intended for disabled people, and on filling in forms. You can also ask about opportunities for rehabilitation, studies, work and hobbies. The telephone service is provided in Finnish, Swedish and English. The call is charged according to normal rates.

Finnish AIDS Council

Advisory telephone service: 0207 465 705

Call the telephone service if you want more information about HIV or require support, guidance and advice. The on-call service is provided by workers of the Finnish AIDS Council. With the workers, you can discuss, for example, risks of infection and fears openly and in confidence. Through this number, you can also make an appointment for a free-of-charge and anonymous HIV antibody test at any Finnish AIDS Council facility.

Poison Information Centre 24h

Poisonings, treatment and prevention: (09) 471 977

You can ask the Poison Information Centre about the prevention and treatment of sudden poisoning.

Elämä on parasta huumetta

Telephone advice: 0800 900 45

You can discuss your own drug abuse or that of someone close to you in confidence. You do not need to reveal your name when calling. The calls are free of charge.


Helpline: 0800 100 101

Peluuri can assist you or someone close to you in problems with gambling. You can call the helpline free of charge. You do not need to reveal your name when calling.

Help in stopping violent behaviour

Miehen Linja

Helpline: (09) 276 62 899

Miehen Linja is a service for immigrant men who have behaved violently towards their partners or other family members or are afraid of doing so.

Women's Line

Helpline: 0800 02400

A national advisory and support helpline for women and young girls who have experienced violence or threat thereof, and the people close to them. The calls are confidential. You can call anonymously.

Monika – Multicultural Women’s Association

On-call telephone service: 0800 05058

We provide support and advice for immigrant women who have faced violence or live under its threat. You do not need to reveal your name when calling.


Crisis emergency support: 0800 97 899

Crisis assistance in question concerning sexual abuse and violence. Information about the Tukinainen crisis services.

Maria Akatemia

Open helpline: 09 7562 2260

Support and help for women who use violence or are afraid of doing so. The calls are confidential. The open helpline provides services in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Aid to victims of human trafficking

The Finnish national system for assisting victims of human trafficking

Helpline: +358 2954 63177

Contact the system for assisting victims of human trafficking if you feel that you have been the victim of exploitation.

You will receive assistance even if

  • you are in the country illegally
  • you do not have identification or a passport
  • you or those close to you are being threatened
  • you only speak your native tongue
  • you owe money to someone