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Problem situations in Helsinki

Coronavirus COVID-19

Wear a face mask

Wear a mask when

  • you have not received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine or have not had COVID-19 in the last 6 months
  • travelling by bus, train, metro or tram
  • you go get tested for coronavirus
  • studying in lower secondary school, upper secondary school or vocational institute
  • dropping off your children at day-care or picking them up
  • at the workplace, if recommended by the employer
  • you visit a shop or bank
  • you visit a library, health centre or other city services
  • you have just arrived in Finland from abroad and are on your way to quarantine
  • in other situations where it is not possible to avoid close contact.

The key thing is to keep a sufficient safe distance from others and wash your hands often. If you have any symptoms, stay at home.

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Instructions for using face masksFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Somali | Arabic

linkkiHelsinki Region Transport, HSL:
Requirement for face masks on public transportationFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Arriving in Finland and Helsinki from abroad Finnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian | German | Polish

Recommendations and restrictions

  • Take the COVID-19 vaccine, which protects you and your loved ones from severe coronavirus disease.
  • Wash your hands, cough in your sleeve.
  • Wear a face mask when moving around in places where there are other people.
  • If you have any symptoms, stay at home.
  • Keep the Koronavilkku app on and follow its instructions.

linkkiHelsingin kaupunki:
Restrictions and recommendations in HelsinkiFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
What to do when you fall ill(pdf, 181 kt)Finnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian | French | Somali | Spanish | Turkish | Persian | Arabic | Kurdish | German | Romanian | Bulgarian

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
After a coronavirus test(pdf, 112 kt)Finnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian | French | Somali | Spanish | Turkish | Persian | Arabic | Kurdish | German | Romanian | Bulgarian

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Instructions for home quarantine(pdf, 167 kt)Finnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian | French | Somali | Spanish | Turkish | Persian | Arabic | Kurdish | Albanian | Polish | Romanian

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Instructions for quarantined persons(pdf, 117 kt)Finnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian | French | Somali | Spanish | Turkish | Persian | Arabic | Kurdish | Albanian | Polish | Romanian

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Coronavirus information in different languagesFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian | Somali | Arabic

Vaccine against COVID-19

In Helsinki, all people over the age of 12 are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccination points are located throughout the city.

You can make an appointment by phone or online:

  • Make an appointment by phone by calling 09 310 46300, Mon–Fri at 8:00–16:00.
  • Make an appointment online at

To make an appointment online, you need online banking credentials or a mobile certificate, as well as information about your vaccination location.

You can also receive a COVID-19 vaccine without an appointment. The website of the City of Helsinki contains more detailed instructions and information on the addresses of vaccination points.

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Coronavirus vaccinations in HelsinkiFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian | Somali | Arabic
Booking an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccinationFinnish | Swedish | English

Further information on vaccination and the coronavirus can be found on the page: Coronavirus COVID-19.

Emergencies and crimes

Call the emergency number 112 in an emergency. They can send the police, an ambulance or the fire service to the scene. Do not call the emergency number if it is not a real emergency. You can report a crime at the police station. If the crime is not serious, you can also report it online on the police website.

To read more, go to: Crimes.

Contact information and services of police stationFinnish | Swedish | English

Electronic crime reportFinnish | Swedish | English

Emergency Social Services

Emergency Social Services (sosiaalipäivystys) helps in the evenings and on weekends if you urgently need help from a social worker.

Emergency Social Services
Tel. 020 696 006

Crisis Emergency Support

Crisis Emergency Support (Kriisipäivystys) can provide mental help and support if you find yourself in a sudden crisis. A sudden crisis may be a serious accident, the death of someone close to you, or experiencing violence.

You can call Crisis Emergency Support at any hour. The number is 09 310 44222.

Emergency Social Services and Crisis Emergency Support can help on the telephone in Finnish and Swedish and, where possible, in English. An interpreter can be used for meetings.

To read more, go to: Problem situations.

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Social and crisis emergency supportFinnish | Swedish | English

Residence permit p​roblems

If you have problems or there is some confusion about your residence permit, you can contact the Finnish Immigration Service. You can also ask for advice at the Helsinki-info service point.


Tel. 09 310 11111, Mon–Thu 9 am–4 pm, Fri 10 am–3 pm

Service points:

  • Central Library Oodi, address: Töölönlahdenkatu 4
  • International House Helsinki, address: Lintulahdenkuja 2


linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Chat counselling (Helsinki-info)Finnish | Swedish | English

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Send a question or give feedbackFinnish | Swedish | English

Refugees, asylum seekers and other foreigners can seek help and advice in residence permit matters at the Refugee Advice Centre.

Address: Pasilanraitio 9 B
Tel. 09 2313 9300 or 09 2313 9325
E-mail: pan(at)

To read more, go to: Residence permit problems.

Do you need a lawyer?

If you need legal help, contact the Helsinki Legal Aid Office (Helsingin oikeusaputoimisto).

Helsingin oikeusaputoimisto
Address: Porkkalankatu 13 G, 2nd floor.
Tel.: 029 56 60120
E-mail: helsinki.oikapu(at)

You can also find a private lawyer through the Finnish Bar Association website.

To read more, go to: Do you need a lawyer?

linkkiThe Finnish Bar Association:
LawyersFinnish | Swedish | English


Help for women in different languages

If you have experienced violence or threats, you can get help and support at Crisis Center Monika. You can make an appointment beforehand by calling the helpline or you can just turn up. The service is completely confidential and you do not have to give your name. You can get help in many different languages.

Helpline 0800 05058, Mon–Fri 9 am–4 pm

Crisis Center Monika (Kriisikeskus Monika)
Address: Hermannin Rantatie 12 A, 4th floor.
Opening hours: Mon–Fri 9 am–5 pm


If a member of your family uses violence against you or threatens to do so, you can go to a shelter (turvakoti). The Mona Shelter is a shelter for women and their children. The shelter’s address is secret.

Turvakoti Mona
Tel.: 045 639 6274

You can also go to the Helsinki Shelter.

Pääkaupungin Turvakoti
Address: Steniuksentie 20
Tel. 09 4777 180

Help for men

Lyömätön linja is a service that helps men who have used violence against their wife. Tel. 044 751 1334.

To read more, go to: Violence.

linkkiMonika – Multicultural Women’s Association:
Aid and support to immigrant women(pdf, 212kt)Finnish | English | Russian | French | Somali | Arabic | Kurdish | Thai

linkkiPääkaupungin Turvakoti ry:
Help for victims of domestic violenceFinnish

linkkiMiessakit ry:
Help for men in stopping violent behaviourFinnish | English

Problems in marriage and relationships

Familia organises free counselling and support for intercultural couples and families in Finnish and English. The Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) provides relationship counselling and couples therapy in Finnish and English.

linkkiFamilia ry:
Relationship counselling for multicultural couplesFinnish | English

linkkiFamily Federation:
Search for relationship counselling servicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Children’s and young people’s problems

Children’s problems

Nurses at the child health clinic can give advice about issues connected to young children’s health or growth and development.

If you want to ask for advice about issues connected to raising children or their development, you can make an appointment for family counselling (perheneuvola). Family counselling helps children under the age of 18 years and their parents.

The Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) helps families in matters connected to raising children and the well-being of families.

Counselling in different languages:

Tel.: 09 2280 5245 or 050 325 6450 (Sorani, Dari, Persian)
Tel. 09 2280 5141, 050 325 7173 (Russian, English)

To read more, go to: Children’s and young people’s problems.

Young people’s problems

Helsinki Youth Station (Helsingin nuorisoasema) provides help to young people aged 13–23 years living in Helsinki. Help is given for mental health problems or with stopping substance abuse or gambling, for example. The parents of a young person can also contact the youth station.

Girls can receive support and advice at the Girls’ House (tyttöjen talo) and boys at the Boys’s House (Poikien talo).

The Red Cross has a shelter for young people aged 12–19 years. At the Emergency Youth Shelter, you can talk to someone and get a temporary place to stay and sleep. Contact information for the Emergency Youth Shelter:

Uudenmaankatu 32 A
Open: every day 5 pm–10 am
Tel. 09 622 4322

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Family supportFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Family counselling centreFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiFinnish Red Cross:
Youth Emergency Shelter of HelsinkiFinnish | Swedish

linkkiTyttöjen talo Helsinki:
Support and activities for girlsFinnish

linkkiPoikien Talo:
Poikien TaloFinnish

Financial problems

If you have financial problems, you can ask a social worker of your municipality or Kela for advice. In some situations, you may have the right to apply for income support. Income support is applied from Kela.

Information on income support(pdf, 595kt)Finnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian

Financial and debt counselling

If you have problems with debts, contact the Legal Aid Office’s financial and debt counselling unit (oikeusaputoimiston talous- ja velkaneuvonta). The service is free of charge.

Helsinki Legal Aid Office
Financial and debt counselling
Porkkalankatu 13
Tel. 029 56 60123, open Mon–Fri 8 am–4:15 pm.

To read more, go to: Financial problems.

linkkiLegal Aid Offices :
Financial and debt counsellingFinnish | Swedish | English


If you become homeless, contact the social services office of your municipality of residence. A social worker can help you find housing.

The service centre for the homeless on Hietaniemenkatu is open every day around the clock. You can spend the night there, if necessary. The service centre offers a place to spend the night for residents of Helsinki with a substance abuse problem, if they have no other place to go.

Hietaniemenkadun palvelukeskus
Hietaniemenkatu 5 B
Tel. (09) 310 466 28

THE NGO No Fixed Abode runs a night café called Kalkkers that offers a warm place for the homeless to spend the night from autumn to spring. Kalkkers is open from 10 pm to 6 am. There are no places for sleeping at the centre, and it is not an alcohol and drug-free facility. They will not ask you whether you have a residence permit or not. The centre is located in Helsinki at Ratamestarinkatu 6, Itä-Pasila, and the telephone number is 050 443 1068. E-mail: kalkkers(at) Immigration experts working at the same address:

  • Mon–Thu: Finnish, English, Bulgarian. Tel. 044 260 3818
  • Fri: Finnish and Russian. Tel. 050 407 9703

Further information: Homelessness.

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Information for the homelessFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiNo Fixed Abode NGO:
Association for the homelessFinnish | English

Service guide for the homeless in Helsinki(pdf, 3,7 MB)Finnish | English | Russian | Somali | Persian | Arabic | Bulgarian

Intoxicant abuse

If you need help with a substance abuse problem (such as alcohol or drug abuse), contact your health centre. You can also contact the A-Clinic.

Young people aged 13–23 years with substance abuse problems can get help at the youth station.

To read more, go to: Intoxicant abuse.

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Substance abuse treatmentFinnish | English

linkkiCity of Helsinki:
Youth centresFinnish | Swedish | English


Funeral homes help with the practicalities of burials. You can search for funeral homes on the website of the Finnish Association for Funeral Homes, for example.

Helsinki has several cemeteries. The Evangelical Lutheran Church maintains most of them. There are also the Orthodox Christian Cemetery of Helsinki, the Jewish Cemetery of Helsinki and the Islamic Cemetery for Tatars of Helsinki; they are in Hietaniemi.

The Muslims of Helsinki have a special burial section at the Honkanummi Cemetery in Vantaa.

Honkanummi Cemetery also has a non-denominational area for burying those who did not belong to any religion.

If someone close to your has died and you need mental support, you can call the Crisis Emergency Support (kriisipäivystys). You can call at any hour. The number is 09 310 44222.

To read more, go to: Death.

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Funeral homesFinnish | English

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CemeteriesFinnish | Swedish

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Burial section for MuslimsFinnish | Arabic

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Non-denominational cemeteryFinnish