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Problem situations in Espoo


Call the emergency number 112 in an emergency. They can send the police, an ambulance or the fire service to the scene. Do not call the emergency number if it is not a real emergency.

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Emergency clinicsFinnish | Swedish | English

Social and Crisis Emergency Services

Social and Crisis Emergency Services (Sosiaali- ja kriisipäivystys) provides help for you and your family in urgent crisis situations at all hours. The crisis may be related to violence, relationships or problems with children. You can also contact Social and Crisis Emergency Services if you have problems with mental health, alcohol or drugs, or if there has been a traumatic event in your life.

Social and Crisis Emergency Services
Jorvi Hospital
Turuntie 150
Tel. (09) 816 42439
Open every day at all hours.

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Social and crisis emergency supportFinnish | Swedish | English

The Finnish Association for Mental Health (Suomen Mielenterveysseura) offers a crisis service for immigrants. The office is located in Pasila, Helsinki. The service offers support and help in difficult situations. Book an appointment by calling (09) 4135 0501.

linkkiThe Finnish Association for Mental Health:
Crisis assistance for immigrantsFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Somali | Arabic | Kurdish

Residence permit problems

If you have problems or there is some confusion about your residence permit, you can contact the Finnish Immigration Service (Maahanmuuttovirasto).

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Service points of the Finnish Immigration ServiceFinnish | Swedish | English

Refugees, asylum seekers and other foreigners can seek legal help and advice at the Refugee Advice Centre (Pakolaisneuvonta ry). The office is located in Helsinki.

Address: Kaisaniemenkatu 4 A
Tel. 09 2313 9325
E-mail: neuvonta(at)

linkkiRefugee Advice Centre:
Legal aid for refugeesFinnish | Swedish | English


If you fall victim to a crime, file a report of the offence with the police. Reports can be submitted online. You can also fill in a form and take it to Espoo main police station.

Espoo Main Police Station
Nihtisillankuja 4
02631 Espoo

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linkkiLänsi-Uudenmaan poliisilaitos:
Contact informationFinnish | Swedish | English

Electronic crime reportFinnish | Swedish | English

Do you need a lawyer?

If you require legal assistance, contact Länsi-Uusimaa Legal Aid Office (Länsi-Uudenmaan oikeusaputoimisto).

Piispansilta 9 B
02230 Espoo

Tel. 029 56 61820
E-mail: lansi-uusimaa.oikapu(at)

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linkkiLänsi-Uusimaa Legal Aid Office:
Legal aidFinnish


Omatila service offers assistance in cases of domestic violence. If necessary, Omatila will organise accommodation for you and your children. You can call the service at any hour, and you do not have to give your name when calling. You can also stop by and discuss your situation without an appointment Mon–Fri from 9 am to 11am and Wed from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Family Matters Unit
Kamreerintie 6 A
Tel. 043 825 0535
E-mail: omatila(at)

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Help for victims of domestic violenceFinnish | Swedish | English

Men who have used violence against their family members can receive help from Miehen linja service, which is intended for immigrant men.

Miehen linja
Maalarinkuja 3 B
02650 Espoo
Tel. (09) 276 62899
E-mail: kontakti(at)

linkkiMiehen linja:
Help for immigrant menFinnish | English

Problems in marriage and relationships

If you have marriage or relationships problems, you can contact the family counselling centre (perheneuvola). Family counselling centres are intended particularly for families with children.

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Family counselling centresFinnish | Swedish | English

The Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) provides relationship counselling and couples therapy in Finnish and English.

linkkiFamily Federation:
Phone and e-mail counselling for immigrantsFinnish | Swedish | English

Familia Club’s Duo Project offers relationship counselling for intercultural couples in Finnish and English. The counselling is subject to a charge.

linkkiFamilia Club:
Relationship counselling for multicultural couplesFinnish | English

The Church Family Counselling Centre also provides advice to families with relationship problems.

linkkiEspoon seurakunnat:
Church family counsellingFinnish | Swedish | English

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Children's and young peoples problems

Children’s problems

Nurses at the child health clinic can give advice about issues related to the health and development of young children.

In Espoo there are several child health clinics throughout the city.

Child health care clinic appointments and information service
Tel. (09) 816 22800

linkkiCity of Espoo:
Contact information for child health clinicsFinnish | Swedish | English

If your child is of school age, you can ask help from the school nurse.

linkkiCity of Espoo:
Information about health care for under-school-age childrenFinnish | Swedish | English

If you would like advice on matters related to the mental development of a child, you can make an appointment at the family counselling centre (perheneuvola).

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Family counselling centresFinnish | Swedish | English

The Family Federation of Finland (Väestöliitto) helps immigrant families in matters connected to raising children and the well-being of families.

Counselling in different languages:

Tel. 050 325 6450 (Sorani, Dari, Persian)
Tel. 050 325 7173 (Russian, English)

Young people’s problems

Young people can share their problems with the nurse (terveydenhoitaja) at their school or educational institute. Help is also available from other sources.

Young people aged 13 to 22 can also turn to Nuorisopoliklinikka Nupoli with problems that relate to mental health, intoxicant abuse, gambling or the use of free time. You can call or visit Nupoli. Visits to Nupoli are free of charge and confidential.

Tel. (09) 816 31300

linkkiCity of Espoo:
Nupoli - help for young peopleFinnish | Swedish

If a young person feels it is not safe to be at home, they can contact the Youth Emergency Shelter of the Finnish Red Cross. The shelter is located in Leppävaara.

Youth Emergency Shelter
Läkkisepänkuja 2 A 14
02650 Espoo

Tel. (09) 8195 5360
E-mail: turvatalo.espoo(at)

linkkiFinnish Red Cross:
Youth Emergency ShelterFinnish

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Financial problems

If you have financial problems, you can ask a social worker of the municipality for advice. If your or your family’s income and assets are not enough to cover necessary daily expenses, you can apply for basic income support from Kela.

Information on income supportFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Estonian

If you have problems with debts, contact the Legal Aid Office’s financial and debt counselling unit (oikeusaputoimiston talous- ja velkaneuvonta). The service is free of charge.

linkkiLegal Aid Offices :
Financial and debt counsellingFinnish | Swedish | English

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Intoxicant abuse

The mental health and intoxicant treatment clinic (MTP-klinikka) helps adults who are living in Espoo and suffering from problems relating to mental health or substance abuse.

Suomenlahdentie 1
Ison Omenan palvelutori
Iso Omena Shopping Centre
02230 Espoo
Tel. (09) 816 31300

linkkiCity of Espoo:
Information about mental health servicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Young people aged 13 to 22 years with substance abuse problems can get help at Nuorisopoliklinikka Nupoli.

Nuorisopoliklinikka Nupoli
Suomenlahdentie 1
Tel. (09) 816 31300

linkkiCity of Espoo:
Nupoli - help for young peopleFinnish | Swedish

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Funeral homes help with the practicalities of burials. You can search for funeral homes on the website of the Finnish Association for Funeral Homes, for example.

linkkiThe Finnish Association of Funeral Homes:
Funeral homesFinnish

Espoo has five Christian cemeteries. Kellonummi Cemetery features a non-denominational section. People who practise other religions or no religion at all can be buried there.

linkkiEspoo parishes:
CemeteriesFinnish | Swedish | English

If a person close to you dies suddenly and you need support, you can contact Espoo Social and Crisis Emergency Services (Espoon sosiaali- ja kriisipäivystys), Tel. (09) 816 42439.

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