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Leisure in Espoo

There are plenty of opportunities for hobbies and recreation in Espoo. Espoo Adult Education Centre offers a wide range of courses, libraries are open to all, and Nuuksio National Park is just around the corner. There are also plenty of fun activities for children.

Community centre Kivenkolo and neighbourhood house Matinkylä are open to all. There, local residents can spend time, meet other people and receive guidance and advice. There are activities in several different languages.

Community Centre Kivenkolo
Merisaapas 1 A
02320 Espoo

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Kivenkolo Community CenterFinnish | Swedish | English

Neighbourhood house Matinkylä
Matinkatu 7
02230 Espoo

Neighbourhood house MatinkyläFinnish

Espoo Adult Education Centre (Espoon työväenopisto) provides opportunities for arts, crafts, cooking, dance and sports, for instance. You can also study Finnish and other languages there.

Espoo Adult Education CentreFinnish | Swedish | English

Espoo boasts many educational institutes that provide basic art education to children and young people. The various forms of art covered include music, visual arts, dance, theatre and circus.

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Art educationFinnish | Swedish | English

Children’s Arts Centre Aurora organises events for children.

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Cultural events for childrenFinnish | Swedish | English

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EventsFinnish | Swedish | English
Cultural events in EspooFinnish | Swedish | English

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EventsFinnish | Swedish | English


In Espoo there are several libraries throughout the city. At the library, you can borrow books, newspapers, magazines, music, films, games and much more. The libraries stock books and other materials in several languages. You can also use a computer at the library. Many libraries also hold exhibitions and events.

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LibrariesFinnish | Swedish | English

Multilingual Library

The library is located in the Pasila district of Helsinki. It has books, music, magazines and audio books in several different languages. You can either visit the Pasila library or order material to your local library.

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Multilingual LibraryFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian

Joint library service for the Metropolitan AreaFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | Somali | Persian | Arabic

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Sports and exercise

Espoo has indoor swimming pools, several sports halls and fields, as well as other locations and facilities for various sports.

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Information about sports servicesFinnish | Swedish | English

Recreation in nature

Espoo has many outdoor areas where you can hike in the midst of nature. For example, Nuuksio National Park is partially located in Espoo.

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Outdoor recreation areas in EspooFinnish | Swedish | English

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WebsiteFinnish | Swedish | English

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KotikaupunkipolutFinnish | Swedish | English

The Nature House Villa Elfvik hosts excursions, events and exhibitions. The Nature House that is open for everyone is located in the northern part of the nature reserve Laajalahti.

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Nature HouseFinnish | Swedish | English

In Espoo there are exercise tracks and hiking routes all over the city. In the winter, many of the tracks are converted to ski trails. Some of the routes are illuminated.

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Outdoor recreationFinnish | Swedish | English

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Outdoor recreational areasFinnish | Swedish | English

There are plenty of beaches for swimming by the sea and the lakes.


Any Espoo resident can freely angle and ice-fish on the lakes. You need a fishing permit to use other fishing equipment.

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Fishing and huntingFinnish | Swedish | English

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Guide to fishing in FinlandFinnish | Swedish | English | Russian | French | Spanish | Chinese | German | Polish | Italian

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Public saunas in Espoo

There are several public saunas in Espoo that are open to all. There are also saunas at every swimming hall.

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Espoo saunasFinnish | English

You can also explore Helsinki’s public saunas.

Theatre and cinema

Espoo boasts numerous professional and amateur theatres.

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Espoo theatresFinnish | Swedish | English

There are three cinemas in Espoo. More information on the films shown is available on the websites of the cinemas. In addition, the City of Espoo holds film screenings.

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CinemaFinnish | Swedish | English

linkkiKino Tapiola:

CinemaFinnish | Swedish | English


There are several museums in Espoo. The City Museum presents the history of Espoo. The Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA) is one of the largest art museums in Finland.

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MuseumsFinnish | Swedish | English

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Helsinki City MuseumFinnish | Swedish | English

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Museum of modern art EMMAFinnish | Swedish | English

Hobbies for children and young people

Espoo boasts many educational institutes that provide basic art education to children and young people. The various forms of art covered include music, visual arts, dance, theatre and circus.

Espoo has youth facilities that are supervised by trained instructors. The facilities are open to all young people between 12 and 17 years of age. Young people can freely spend time at the facilities in their spare time. They also hold activity clubs, courses and events.

Associations and sports clubs organise plenty of activities for young people.

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Activities for young peopleFinnish | Swedish | English

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Youth facilitiesFinnish | Swedish | English

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Counselling for young peopleFinnish | Swedish | English

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Hobby searchFinnish | Swedish | English


A variety of associations focusing on areas such as culture and sports operate in Espoo.

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Sports clubsFinnish | Swedish