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Koronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19

This page provides key information on the effects of COVID-19 in Finland and links to authority websites with more detailed information.

Finnish authorities have released useful information on the topic in different languages.

Recommendations and restrictions

  • Take the COVID-19 vaccine, which protects you and your loved ones from severe coronavirus disease.
  • If you fall ill, stay at home. You can also take a COVID-19 rapid test at home.
  • Maintain good hygiene: wash your hands and wear a mask at your own discretion, keep a safe distance and ensure good ventilation.

You can find information about the local COVID-19 situation on the websites of the hospital districts and your municipality.

Get vaccinated against COVID-19

Get the vaccine against COVID-19. It will protect you from severe coronavirus disease. The vaccine will not cost you anything.

COVID-19 vaccination is available to anyone age 12 and older. Ask your health centre where you can get the COVID-19 vaccine. Younger children can be vaccinated if they belong to a high-risk group.

The website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) provides more detailed information about coronavirus vaccination.

What to do if I have symptoms?

A test is usually not needed for mild COVID-19 symptoms. You can take a COVID-19 rapid test at home. Avoid contact for five days or for two days after the symptoms stop. Currently, persons infected with COVID-19 are rarely placed under official quarantine or isolation.

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COVID-19 rapid tests at home

If you experience severe symptoms, such as difficulty in breathing, or if your general condition deteriorates, contact your health care provider immediately.

If your symptoms are mild and your general condition is good, you do not need to contact your health care provider or take an official COVID-19 test. If you want, you can take a home test.

If you still have symptoms on the fifth day or after, it is recommended that you stay at home until you have been asymptomatic for at least two days. This means that the fever is gone and the other symptoms are clearly diminishing. If the only symptom is a change in the sense of smell or taste or a mild dry cough, the isolation does not need to be continued.

If the result of the home test is positive

Do not meet people other than those who live with you for at least five days. Stay home, if possible. Do not go to work – report your absence to your employer. Do not go to hobbies or public events. You can go to a grocery shop or pharmacy if nobody else can do it for you. In this case, it is recommended to wear a face mask. By wearing a face mask, you protect others from infection.

If the result of the home test is negative

If the result of the home test is negative but you have symptoms, you should avoid contact for at least five days or until you no longer have symptoms. Even after a negative test result, you may become infected. You may also already have been infected even if the test result is negative.

If you need to leave the home, you should follow the safety instructions: keep a safe distance and wash your hands frequently. You can wear a face mask if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection. By wearing a face mask, you protect others from infection.

If you need a medical certificate of recovery from COVID-19, contact your health care provider. 

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Quarantine and isolation instructions

COVID-19 certificate

You may need a COVID-19 certificate when you travel abroad. Always check the latest entry regulations with the authorities in your destination country before you travel, for example at your nearest embassy or consulate.

If you are travelling, bring a vaccination certificate, a certificate of having had the virus or a negative test result. These are accepted EU COVID-19 certificates. Make sure that your COVID-19 certificate is valid and download it from the MyKanta service.

You will need your online banking credentials or Mobile ID for authentication to the MyKanta service. After authentication, you can download the COVID-19 passport to your mobile device or print it out. If you do not have online banking credentials or a mobile device, you can get your COVID-19 passport printed by the health care unit where you got vaccinated or tested.

For more information about the COVID-19 certificate, see the service.

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Work and Enterprise

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Instructions for workplaces

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